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Gratuity – Horror Short Film


Gratuity is going into distribution, and is expected to be streaming on Amazon Video very soon, so look for it!

Gratuity was created, script-to-screen, in one weekend for the 72-Hour Horror Film Race in April, 2017.

For the contest the we were assigned following requirements for the film:
Theme: Vengeance
Prop: Key
Action: Answering a phone

Gratuity was a Top-15 Finalist and winner of “Best Student Film” in the competition. After the film festival premiere, Gratuity went through post production a second time, for ADR, improved sound design, a new original score closer to the character and mood of the piece. The score was created by four 2017 students of Hummie Mann’s Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program in Seattle.

Since round two of post production,  Gratuity has been circulating at other horror film festivals. So far this year, it has been screened in theaters at: Bleedingham (Runner-up for Best Score, Oct. 2017), Hart D. Fisher’s “The American Horrors” Film Festival, (Finalist, Oct. 2017) The Lost Sanity Film Festival (Nov. 2017), and has been nominated for “Best Humor,” “Best Kill,” and “Best Writing” in the Independent Horror Movie Awards festival (Jan. 2018). Gratuity has also been selected in several online film festivals, such as Frostbite (Finalist, Oct. 2017), Diabolical Horrors, and Spotlight Horror Film Awards (Spotlight Silver Award, Dec. 2017).

Gratuity Cast:


Bill Johns

Bill Johns


Bill Johns on IMDb

Louise Heather

Louise Heather

No Tip

Louise Heather on IMDb

Robert L. Butler, Jr.

Robert L. Butler, Jr.

Half a $50 Bill

Robert L. Butler, Jr. on IMDb

Khoe Munro-Tyner

Khoe Munro-Tyner

Tip Under Water

Khoe Munro Tyner on IMDb

Elana Manasse-Piha

Elana Manasse-Piha

Dine & Dash

Elana Manasse-Piha on IMDb

Seth Manzel

Seth Manzel

Penny Tipper

Seth Manzel on IMDB

McKenna Donahue

McKenna Donahue


McKenna Donahue on IMDb

Grace Madland

Grace Madland

Napkin Note

Grace Madland on IMDb

Gratuity Crew:


EK Scarfone

Producer, Writer, Director

EK Scarfone on IMDb

Wyatt Ott

Writer, Gaffer, Grip

Louise Heather on IMDb

Brennen Hinkle

Writer, Camera Operator

Robert L. Butler, Jr. on IMDb

Brandon Van


Brandon Van’s Portfolio

Mia Francoso

Prod., Art Dir., Makeup Effects

Mia Francoso on IMDb

Nicky Smit

Loc. Sound, Editor, Colorist

Nicky Smit’s Portfolio

Eric Josund Brady

Prod., Loc. Sound, Makeup Effects

Eric Josund-Brady on IMDb

Louis Ziob

Director of Photography

Louis Ziob on IMDb

Antonio Bernal

AD, Assistant Camera

Antonio Bernal on IMDb

Kimmy Latsch

Producer, PA, Craft Services

Kimmy Latsch on IMDb

Alex Turner

Post Production Sound, ADR

Alex Turner’s Portfolio

Phil Harmonic

Post Production Sound

Phil Harmonic on IMDb

Chelsey Henkes

Post Production Sound

Chelsey Henkes on IMDb

Gratuity Original Score by:


Steven Silvers


Steven Silvers on IMDb

Jarryd Elias


Jarryd Elias’s Portfolio

María José Félix


María José Félix’s Porfolio

Matthew Alain Boerner


Matthew Alain Boerner on IMDb